Wood stabilizing process by methacrylic polymers in vacuum/pressure pot

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Most of figured wood can be destroyed by water, fungi and insects activity, temperature changes and otver negative factors.

In old times oil was best defender of wood. Sometimes it covered only by surface, sometimes deeper by long time waitind till wood deep in oil.

Later vacuum penetration of defender liquids was used by lot of woodworkers.

Now Methacrylic (same like organic glass) polymers come to work with oils together. When methacrylates still liquid (resin) in monomer condition, wood put inside resin, with add or not add some dyes, penetrating in vacuum  ( some dense spices of wood need vacuum / pressure changes, sometimes few cycles to full penetrate wood in all depth).  In vacuume air go outside wood and resin takes his place. After we put wood at hot place ( some resins start crystallisaton at 60 C, some need 90 Cand more. Time need to became full solid is too same. 

after we sand wood with sandpaper, finish with high grit and oil.